Novelty props, creative play, with the unique game details, fishing hero brings you the most fun and the most peculiar fishing experience!
High-energy weapons, multi-level super cannon, badges collection, exchange center, the fresh financial pawn shop, magic prop cards, Crazy Jaws ... all kinds of weapons are domineering .The game is sup
er fun, and most easy to play!
At the leisure time, you can cast a net to catch fishes, and harvest gold coins, so you can spend the Fisherman's Festival every day!

  • Join the hero team at leisure moment, and go on an expedition undersea, despising all the fishes!

  • Catch fishes to upgrade, and through the barrier to dominate the world of colorful sea!

  • Firing cannons to earn gold coins, luckily receiving awards, return with fruitful results!

  • Largemouth torpedo, fixed-point explosion

  • Huge fishing nets, wide but not loose

  • Magic light tide, seckill shoals of fish

  • Great white shark, king of the submarine

Magic Potions Weapon Baits

Pinball torpedo, time machine, saint sword, baits... bring you magical fishing magic!
17 kinds of props experience card can be received freely when you upgrade……

Diverse Rankings

6 kinds of rankings contrast fishing strength!
Looking for the real fishing hero!

Cute Style Fishes

15 kinds of lovely fishes swimming in the sea!
Capturing the golden fishes can get raffle chest...

Achievements Center

More than 80 kinds of rewards you can get!
Gold coins, experience points...are sent constantly!

The unique game interface
creates your hero world!

Collect full set of badges to exchange super props.
Pawn badges in pawnshop when gold coins are used up, you can continue fishing...

Recruit fishing hero,
who can get the blade!

Widely distribute the hero invitations, recruiting real fishing heroes!
Share the hero invitations with friends, inviting fishing heroes,
mysterious gift you can receive!

Each time a new player input your gift code, the new player will randomly
get a badge and 200 gold coins, and you can get a reward of 200 gold coins.

You will receive additional incentives, when the times of your gift code inputted encounter the following situations:

  • When inputted 10, 20,30,40,60…times , you will get a random badge.
  • When inputted 50,150,250,350...times, you will get three exclusive cards:
    [energy card].The energy card can fill up the energy slot on the right side of canon.
  • When inputted 50,150,250,350...times, you will get three exclusive cards:
    [ badge-transfiguration card ].The badge-transfiguration card can
    allow you to get the badge you want.
  • PS:Each and every game player can only input one gift code and input it once!